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Models of Diversity

Models of Diversity is a registered charity established by ex-model and campaigner Angel Sinclair dedicated to broadening the modelling, beauty and media industry and opening it up to the beautiful people that we don’t often get to see on our Instagram feeds, billboards, TV ads and runways. We campaign for more brands to work with differently-abled people, older models, plus-size models and many more underrepresented groups.

We have had some phenomenal successes over the years placing models in Fashion weeks around the world including New York, Milan, Russia and London, nearly a decade ago we were one of the first to put on a plus-size catwalk show and were at the forefront of the body neutrality movement which places far more emphasis on being ‘OK’ with the body you have and trying to exist peacefully within it. Our billboard campaign for Models with disability created massive publicity in the heart of London and Internationally, and our nationally run workshops for models with disabilities has had a significant role in launching the modelling careers of many attendees including Kelly Knox (Primark) and Jack Eyres (Scope, NY Fashion Week etc) and continue to play a key part in building confidence and inspiring others. We boast an array of celebrity supporters, but more importantly, we have created a community that love and support each other daily over social media.

We are proud of over a decade of achievements; last year alone we held an extremely successful catwalk for Diversity during London Fashion Week and launched our Anniversary Calendar showcasing beautiful and inspiring models from our community of followers, we had international news coverage and featured on Sky, BBC and ITN as well as having our models in numerous publications. We have highlighted stereotypes around age, size and ability. Our ambassadors have spoken passionately about their experiences and continue to inspire and represent our society as a whole.

We have seen some change, which is exciting … but we deserve to see more, and as a charity, we will continue to campaign until everyone feels represented.

Models of Diversity