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Over 60 years of activism and visibility has created change. The LGBTQ+ Community is more visible than ever before. But we have miles to go for True Queer Representation.


The world has seen a seismic shift since the Gay Liberation movement of the 1960s. There is much to learn from Queer history as we carry this sense of individualistic freedom and identity forwards.

This project is a unique opportunity to chart and reflect the change that has taken place within our own community over the last half-century.

With both Stonewall and Models of Diversity, we’re going to create a platform to showcase the current LGBTQ+ community whilst remembering the trailblazers who stood before us and the new generation of activists fighting for Queer rights.


“We don’t fit into a certain gender – to be a man is to be strong, is to walk and talk in a certain way, and to be a woman is the same but as a woman. Because disabled people can’t abide to that etiquette of the body, we’re seen to be asexual, dependant creatures. We still have desires and we have our own minds. People need to stop looking at the physical and start really looking at people.”

– Stephen Thomas Smith via BBC News, 2021

“Several others suggest that although businesses might be opening up their conversations to include the gay community, especially “beautiful gay men”, they are still failing those who do not conform to the binary gender concept – when people adopt gender traits outside society’s typical expectations.”

– Campaign, 2017


Through a fast-paced editorial-style photographic shoot we capture the past, present and future trailblazers of the LGBTQ+ community.

Focusing on personality each image is imbued with character and set against a neutral white backdrop allowing the talent to be as fun and extravagant as they want to.

Each talent will be dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt but free to create their own interpretation of it. It’s simple but allows their unique personality to shine through.

At the end of the shoot, we’ll have a plethora of editorial and lifestyle imagery as well as our hero shot.

The final image will be a group shot – a frieze – of all our talent standing together side-by-side. The past, present and future.


For this project, we looked for charismatic and exciting personalities who had an authentic voice with something important to say. We wanted real people who embody the spirit LGBTQ+ trailblazers and activists.

Above all else, we chose a diverse group that represent each facet of the LGBTQ+ community in 2021. Joining forces with both Stonewall and Models of Diversity meant we can achieve just that, with a roster of uniquely amazing individuals at your fingertips such as original members of the Gay Liberation Front.


“72% of the LGBTQ+ community think the way they are presented in advertising is tokenistic”

– The Drum, 2019

Diversity is complex. It’s ever-changing. A living and breathing organism. It evolves. It’s not cut and dry, black and white or gay and straight. It continues to morph and shape culture whilst also changing with it.

Just because advertising has become more diverse over the last few years doesn’t mean that it adequately reflects the diversity of our community. Part of it is altruism, part of it is an attempt to cash in on the pink and purple pound.

In Pride Campaigns released each year, there is a huge absence of diversity. From older people to larger and smaller to people with a disability, and those of non-binary genders, there is a huge gap.


While the hero focus will be the stills there are a number of ways to amplify this project and push it out to a broader audience.